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  • Areas of use
    Steel shots and steel grits are used in numerous industries for surface cleaning, deoxidation, surface preparation, strain relieving and granite cutting. The quality of these products determines the quality of the final surface treatment.
  • European quality, Turkish reliability
    Bünsa has been producing steel shots and grits for almost 20 years with the high quality standards of European producers. From pre-production to shipment, quality is our middle name.
  • Steel shot and grit production
    Bünsa has transformed 50 years of experience in the iron & steel and foundry industries into the complex production of martensitic quality steel shots and grits. It is the only grit producer in Turkey.

About Us

Bünsa Döküm has been producing steel shots and grits in the town of Kayseri in middle Anatolia, Turkey, for almost 20 years. It has been founded on the vast experience of the Yılmaz Turhan Group of Companies, active in the European iron & steel and foundry industries since the 1960’s.


Areas of Use

- Foundries
- Steelworks
- Machinery Manufacturing
- Rolling Mills
- Shipyards
- Railway Sector
- Structural Steel Sector
- Granite Sector
- Metal Industry


Bünsa Döküm Makine Alet ve San. Tic.AŞ

Fabrika : Tuzhisar Asfaltı 2. Km Bünyan/KAYSERİ
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